Life Achievements and Philosophy 1970 - now


Valedictory proclamation speech at College by the end of his Classic Latin-Greek studies


Honours, Medical College, St George’s University of Medicine, West-Indies


. Member of the World Orthopaedic Concern

. Centennial Year Member of the National Geographic Society


Spinal Adult Surgical and Research Fellowships, Perth, Western Australia

and Postgraduate Bourse Neuromuscular Foundation Western Australia Studentship


Research monitor of the European Outcome Study on dynamic ligamentoplasty


First clash with the Order of Physicians in Flanders, Belgium        

Charge: dr. med. Guy mentioned his UK and Australian toplevel surgical and research

              qualifications on his Belgian medical documents which was considered

              to be unlawful spinal surgical practice. 

Philosophy: ‘the critical scientific mind can be completely replaced by a disrespectful

                     materialistic and financial mind. But as the truth dominates,

                     those who take themselves too seriously, finally make themselves ridiculous’.


Doctor ( National Olympic Judo Team, Belgium


European Spine Research Fellowship, Bionic Walkers


SAFIR Spinal Travel Fellowship


Second clash with the Order of Physicians in Flanders, Belgium

Charge: dr. med. Guy’s decision to withdraw his license/visum for practicing medicine and

              spinal surgery in Flanders and changing his professional to a non-professional

              address indicating his wish to concentrate only on research and

              development (R&D) of innovative spinal and other treatment technologies.

Philosophy: ‘highly professionally educated individuals, each with an IQ of over 100, rarely

                    as a group, succeed in taking decisions of a decent IQ level’ (Thomas Hobbes).


Spinal Surgical and Research Scientific Advisory Consultant, Medical Consulting Advice

. Worldwide Spinal Encyclopaedia Lecturer & Instructor Spinal Surgical Procedures

. Invitation to the first meeting of ‘International Club for Technology and Neurosurgery’ (ICTAN)


Monitor and Supervisor of in vivo and in vitro research projects on whole body vibration

(WBV) based on the andullation technology in top level scientific and university centres


European policies. Institute for European Business Administration. Course participation


Final clash with the Order of Physicians in Flanders

Charge: the German  Company, HHP, presented dr. med. Guy as spinal researcher during public

              advertisements on International and Flemish TV channels and other media. Without promoting

              dr. Guy for eventually hiring patients for his (non-existing) spinal practice in Flanders, HHP

              solely promoted the regular use of its FDA approved and internationally (+/- 60 countries)

              distributed Massage Mattress (FDA - Document K070672 - Massage Mattress, VM9100RM,

              21 CFR 890.5880 - 15 June 2007) for patients suffering benign chronic low back pain related to

              the lumbar degenerative discogenic syndrome (+/- 80 % of all chronic low back pain sufferers

              worldwide) and for whom the international scientific spinal literature clearly indicates there only

              exists short-term effective therapies.

Outcome: Mr. Guy, with no medical nor surgical practice in Flanders since 2003 and in accordance with the

                 legal advices of the lawyers of Medical Consulting Advice and of other international spinal companies,

                 decided no longer to pay nor to retain his otherwise compulsory membership in this organisation for

                 potentially and legally practising medicine and spinal surgery in Flanders. A membership in the

                 Order of Physicians in Flanders, Belgium, has no importance for dr. Guy’s medical advisory functions.


     . ‘ by knowing yourself (Sophocles), it becomes more important what you think about yourself than

         what others think about you (Seneca)’,

  1. while others spit in your face on the streets, you applaud for yourself at home (Ovidius)’,
  2. a man with new ideas is stupid, unless the idea seems to become a success (Mark Twain)’,
  3. celui qui dit la vérité, doit être exécuté (Guy Béart)’.


Encyclopaedia Lecturer, Research & Monitor regarding study projects on whole body vibration (WBV)

with andullation technology, Europe and Latin America