Forthcoming Topics On Current Spinal Problems

In different forthcoming topics on, dr. med. Guy

(1) illustrates what happens in and to the structures of the lumbar intervertebral disc during a normal human lifespan,

(2) illustrates what happens to the human spinal column in different but common occurring spinal pathologies such as degenerative discogenic syndrome, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, whiplash phenomenon, and metastatic diseases,

(3) describes the common but recognisable history of the acute and the chronic low back pain sufferer, and finally,

(4) frames his findings and histories in a context based on the international published spinal medico-surgical literature. 

The data on the  are based on

(1) his personal experience as spinal clinician and spinal surgeon,

(2) on an review of approximately 100,000 clinical histories regarding low back pain,

(3) on an extensive review of the spinal scientific literature since the late 1970s, but most importantly,

(4) on  his own scientific pathologic observations of the human spine at autopsy while working as Spinal Research Fellow in the Department of Neuropathology, Perth, Western Australia.

During a period of nearly three years, dr. med. Guy was offered an unique opportunity to review and analyse more than 23,500 postmortem human spines of all ages and of very different ethnic origins. This scientific work was performed as young spinal researcher in the Department of Neuropathology, Royal Perth Hospital / University Western Australia in Perth from 1988-1991 under the authority, supervision and guidance of the world renowned professors BA Kakulas (Neuropathology and Neuromuscular Pathology) and JR Taylor (Spinal Anatomy and Human Biology).