TPOIC Gallery

Foto 1. Lumbar Muscle Atrophy.png

Immunochemistry: lumbar muscle atrophy

Foto 4. Lumbar Muscle Atrophy.png

Immunochemistry: lumbar muscle atrophy

Foto 5.  Facet Fracture.png

Intra-articular facet joint fracture

Foto 8.  Meta TH6.png

Metastasis vertebra T6

Foto 10.  Atl-Ax Lig.png

        Normal atlanto-axial (C1-C2) ligament

Foto 15. Disc L5-S1.png

Normal discogenic structure L5-S1

Foto 16. Disc TH10-11.png

Degenerative disc TH10-11 and

metastasis TH11 (carcinoma larynx)

Foto 17. Disc TH12-L1.png

Endplate and internal disc ruptures TH12-L1

Foto 18. Disc TH11-L1 Collapse.png

        Metastatic resorption vertebra T12,

kissing discs T11-T12 and T12-L1,

internal discogenic ruptures

Foto 19. Disc Ruptures.png

Whiplash: endplate, annular, and intradiscal ruptures (cervical dis)

Foto 21. Vertebral meta Kidney carcinoma.png

Vertebral metastatic lesion (kidney)


Electron microscopy (x 57,000):

mitochondropathy in degenerative

discogenic syndrome (DDS)

Foto 6. Painless Schmörl Nodule.png

Painless Schmorl’s nodule in

Scheuermann’s kyphosis

Foto 7.  Meta Th12.png

Metastatic resorptive process vertebra T12

Foto 9. Ligamentoplasty.png

Soft stabilisation ligamentoplasty

Foto 11.  Odontoid fracture.png

 Non-union second cervical vertebra (C2 or odontoid)

Foto 12. Facet Cervical.png

Cervical facet joint

Foto 13. Whiplash.png

Whiplash: disco-vertebral

avulsion at C6-C7 level

Foto 14. Normal Lumbar Discs.png

Normal lumbar discs, endplates, and annuli


Foto 20. Degenerative Disc L4-5.png

L4-L5 Degenerative disc: ruptures of the

endplates, annuli, and nucleus. Routine findings in degenerative discogenic syndrome