The Man Behind The Syndrome

When you encounter Guy, you sense his freedom from any all-compassing and obtruding beliefs of particular familial, philosophical, professional, and materialistic strategies which could have clouded his rebellious but visionary judgments. Indeed, he might have been considered egocentric.

Being perfectionist and perseverant, his intellectual motivation always averted from any emotional, irrational, dominant, and non-scientific compromise interfering with his final objective goals in life.

You sense his liberal and liberate ways of considering all life circumstances.

You sense his wish to preserve his dignity at all times.

You sense that nothing finally was and remains too hard to unconditionally finalize his ultimate goals.


... and Colombia, Piedra del Penol, seems to like Mr. Guy (GI)!

Mr. Guy refuses to encounter the ‘kiss of death’ related to an early professional experimental surgical and research retirement. Travelling a lot, he enjoys his regular daily 30 minutes of running or fitness training. He remains interested in the history of art.  Princesses An & Azula  showed him the best ever Stairways to Heaven.

Having fulfilled Classic Latin-Greek studies in his youth, dr. Guy enjoys restudying myths, histories, and philosophies by the Great Latin and Greek authors (Cicero, Homerus, Ovidius, Plato, Seneca).


Guy’s ultimate professional objective is summarizing his researched scientific spinal data on degenerating lumbar intervertebral disc, spinal metastatic disease, paravertebral muscular changes in chronic low back pain sufferers, and macroscopic anatomopathological cervical intervertebral disc changes occurring during whiplash. This type of in-depth analysis on over 23,500 human spines in the Department of Neuropathology, University of Perth in Australia, never has been performed previously. With the assistance of Alonso Ríos Vanegas, a well-known Colombian sculptor and pintor living in Medellín, difficult-to-understand medical data on the aforementioned topics will be illustrated in a most understandable way.